Giving: From Complex to Simple

Giving is such a beautiful concept. It’s so easy to get caught up in receiving, receiving, receiving. But when we take a step back and look at what it looks like to truly give, boy it can give us a whole new perspective. I think we often think of “giving” as buying things for people or giving people physical “things” (for lack of a better term). I mean, I am definitely a sucker for (giving + receiving) a bouquet of fresh flowers or a hot Scooters coffee, but sometimes generous giving can be more simple than that. It doesn’t have to be, but it definitely can be. Generous giving can be as simple as giving our time, giving a listening ear, giving a smile. I will tell you that when I’m walking through Target and someone looks me in the eyes and smiles, it’s an instant mood booster. Or if I’m down and someone just listens to me vent, it’s so nice. Just last week, actually, I experienced a little something that sparked my heart. I was having a rough day, rough week honestly, and a friend of mine had called to chat. Before I knew it, I was word vomiting ALL over her (“This just sucks”, “I’m sad about this”, “This doesn’t make sense”, “I don’t understand why…” etc.) And you know what she did? She simply listened. She said, “It’s okay Chlo. Your feelings are justified and know that I love you.” After I hung up the phone that day, I realized that sometimes the little stuff is sufficient; someone with open ears or a simple smile – sometimes the simplest gifts are the best gifts.

2 thoughts on “Giving: From Complex to Simple

  1. Brian says:

    “Generous giving can be as simple as giving our time, giving a listening ear, giving a smile.”…YOU do this so well, Chloe!


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