Deep Dependence

We are always taught, “lean on God, trust God, obey God,” and I always thought I had it. I always thought I knew what it looked like to trust the Lord, but God shook me up and said, “Chloe, you have no idea. Let me show you.” The last couple months have brought me to a place of whole hearted, deep dependence on Him. Learning what it looks like to do more than just crack open my bible, do a little Jesus Calling and call it good has changed so much in my heart. It is so easy to fall into that trap. I am so so guilty of it, because studying who God is and what He has taught us through His word takes time, effort, and energy.

Studying Proverbs 3 has taught me so much about what it looks like to lean into Him and deeply depend on Him in all circumstances. Verse 1 reads, “Do not forget my teachings; keep my commands in your heart.” God is revealing to us the power of reading His word, absorbing His word, and applying what He has taught us. We are called to not simply read just to check it off our to-do lists; God has called us to read, absorb, and apply.

When you walk through your day-to-day life with His word on your heart, deeply depending on Him, I promise that you will be amazed at the ways that Jesus works in AND through you.

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