Dating [all the way back] To 2012

I’ve had my bible since 2012. It’s not in great shape and I’ve had people ask me, “Chloe, why don’t you get a new bible?!” This is why:

This morning, I was reading my bible and I came across a highlighted verse in Colossians with a little note in the margin saying that it was a verse that an old coach of mine had sent me and it was dated September 2, 2015. It’s crazy because I remember the day that she sent it to me like it was yesterday. It was during a time where I was going through a tough transition and it was in the midst of several hard months that I remember highlighting that verse, writing the little note off to the side, and thinking, “I can’t wait to look back at this, years down the road, and reflect on this time to see how God worked through it.” Here I am, March of 2017, teary eyed in a coffeeshop as I see this highlighted verse and note in my bible doing just that – Reflecting on several things:

  1. It really is one of the coolest things when God works through people to reveal himself – even through the simplest things. He used my coach and this simple verse in Colossians to change my heart in that moment and give me beautiful, new, fresh perspective two years later.
  2. God is a dang good author. Period. Point blank.
  3. The things you do today matter – not only today, but in the days to come. The simple things and the complex things. The things that may feel awkward and the things that make you feel the warm fuzzies. All of it matters.

After I found that one verse this morning, I started to find so many other things that dated all the way back to 2012 – highlighted verses, notes written in margins about certain situations, people, or prayers. It’s funny because I’m in my bible a lot and not very often do I come across my stuff that’s from years past, but today I did. And I needed it more than ever. It was so refreshing to see the ways that God has worked through certain circumstances, made specific things clear to me over the years, and healed me in more ways than one, also reminding me that He is CONTINUING to do all of those things, day in and day out. God is good folks, God is good. 

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